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Extracts uniform lite db methods into db inteface module Keeping the persistence separate from the logic about control flow make it easier to test just one asyncronicity at a time. It also makes it easier to reason about. 4e49a4 0000
Lock Docker node version to 4 a5d3d3 02810
Added .env.sample + docs 868030 02810
Added .env.sample + docs cd4f2f 02810
Lock Docker node version to 4 1a0e6c 02810
Lock Docker node version to 4 732c13 02810
Lock Docker node version to 4 83245e 02810
Dockerized (with docker-compose) b5462f 02810
Lock Docker node version to 4 473c78 02810
Adds notes to the README installation The `canvas` module failed to install on my laptop because the `cairo` binary was not available. This commit just adds a link and notes the need for the package. bcf67f 02810
GitHub has a capital H e23fe8 02810
GitHub has a capital H a69af7 02810
update .travis.yml 8619df 02810
update .travis.yml e7d9ec 02810
handle '.html' at end of urls 60ec94 0000
handle '.html' at end of urls 152385 0000
style updates 982f26 0000
move to pa11y-crawl c6b824 0000
try new pa11y-crawl 8fefd9 02911
dependencies 236a42 02911
test plain python 1b808b
testing travis dcc601
testing travis 787f0a
testing travis de468d 0000
add a little delay 0a89eb 0000
avoid nohup 2ffab6 0000
avoid nohup 567dc0 0000
testing travis cae2d8 0000
testing nohup stuff b2a6ed 0000
update to try pa11y-crawl 2dd24a 0000
add 18f-related info 6eafef 0343771
update script template 22a13f 0343771
update script template 3eea0c 0343771
case insensitive psql lookup (& urls) a68527 0343771
troubleshooting travis 466825 0343771
troubleshooting travis 4a7050 0343771
troubleshooting travis 00e2fa 0000
troubleshooting travis 3c41ea 0000
troubleshooting travis 9e4152 0000
troubleshooting travis c97d95 0000
troubleshooting travis da1ba3 0000
troubleshooting travis b19e6a 0000

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